Impressions of Carpenter Street @ Kuching

Behind the famous Main Bazaar street in Kuching lies some old shop houses along Carpenter street and Jalan China. There are at least 3 temples around this area. The most famous one was the oldest Chinese temple – Tua Pek Kong Temple. My favourite is the Feng Shan Shi temple (Hong San Temple).

The temple was established in ~1840 but it was newly restored back in 2003, so it looked new.

The compound of this temple is relatively small but the decorations are really impressive.

If you have enough of the tourist souvenir shops along the Main Bazaar, it would be a good idea to visit the lanes and streets behind the main street. You can still see local folks living and trading in the old shop houses.

Try to avoid visiting on Sunday afternoon because it is general rest day for business, and most shops will be closed. Saturday or weekdays will be better days to see locals carry on with their daily works.

There were also few eateries and bakers in the narrow lanes.

One should try the layered cakes, and also the Sarawak noodles (laksa or Goh Loh Mee).


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