Impressions of fruits at Satok Market

When it comes to fruits, Satok Market at Kuching has lots of offer. There are lots of forest produce brought to the market by the villages.

The fruit below has many names: Asam Paya’, Asam Kelubi or Salak Hutan or Zalacca Conferia (scientific name). The juice can be used an alternative to lime (limau kasturi) to make sambal belacan.

From giant banana to the exotic fruits in the Borneo jungle, you can find them in Satok Market. In my previous visit, I saw the sago worm for sales too.

Some fruits are more recognizable by foreign visitor, like the sour sop.

Jackfruit … the honey jackfruit is really sweet and tasty.

All the fruits are fresh and mostly in its original form.

One can dig out an encyclopedia to learn the names of these exotic fruits, or one can buy and taste in Satok Market for an affordable price. The education method varies. I notice some parent like to send their children for endless tuition, some like to bring their children to the dirty market to have practical training, it is up to individual preference.

The pinkish fruit below is known as Engkala’.

As for me, I love to hit the road and get close to the real thing.

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