Impressions of Satok Market – fishes

Satok Market at Kuching town (Sawarak, Borneo) has to be the most interesting market in Malaysia. First time visitor can easily spent 2-3 hours wondering in the maze of stalls and lost admist the noisy marketplace.

This was my second time visiting Satok Market (first time was few years ago). I told equally amount of pictures, lots of interesting things. Let me start off with the fishery section. This scary looking fish with big jaw made me tempting to put my finger into its mouth.

Cutting and cleaning fishes are normal scene in fish market, but Satok Market has more dramatic scenes of slaughtering sting ray, not for the faint-hearted.

There were simply too many interesting variety of fishes that made me forgoting about the wet floor and fishy smells at the wet market.

There were sharks, deep sea fish, fresh water fish, turtle, shells …. Some were fresh but the picture above shown the blury fish eyes.

Just fish eggs alone there were few varieties on display.

There was one big section of the market just for salted fish, and then another section for dried fish.

grilled fish on bamboo stick.

Pet fish in plastics bags.

The fish market section was a good start to visit Satok Market.

Next, I would share with you ohter sections of Satok Market.

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