Impressions of Satok Market – Vegetables

If you like to check out the editable crops and vegetables in the tropical country, Satok Market is one of the best place to be.

Kuching is in Borneo (East Malaysia), and there are many unique local vegetables that are not found in West Malaysia. There are the famous Midin, Paku’ Uban (lower left image below). You can order these local fern leaves at many local restaurents, including the popular Top Spot Seafood Reataurent in Kuching town.

Some looked more familiar.


Bamboo shoot

There were so many stalls and that I believed buyers were spoilt with choices. One thing in common among all the merchants was the organized display of crops and goods.

Many were put onto small colorful plates, and Satok Market became a sea of colorful plates.

From zoom image to macro details, Satok Market was full of surprises and wonders.

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