Impressions of padi fields @ Sekinchan

As promised after my previous visit to Sekinchan early 2011, I am back to the padi fields during the harvest season (June and December).


I heard the production yield of the padi fields here in Sekinchan is the highest in Malaysia.


when I put the seeds onto my hand, I could feel the weight.


During lunch, I could also taste the rice is slightly bigger than those I normally had (imported rice).


It took half a year to grow these rice, and watch them from tiny plant submerged intot water and now ready for harvesting, it gave different appreciation of the hard labour involved in agriculture.


The farmers have to constantly worrying about the changing climate and the invading pests.


Well, I have to say farewell to the padi fields in Sekinchan and head towards to the fishing village (to try the seafood and rice). The new highway just opened for 2 days on my visit from Kuala Lumpur to Sekinchan. It was a lot faster without the annoying traffic light junctions. Wish you enjoy as much as I did in Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor.


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