Impressions of Sekinchan June 2011

I posted the padi field harvesting article, as that was the reason to revisit Sekinchan after my February visit. The side benefit of visiting Sekinchan is always foods and fruits. Food will be the seafood (baby shark, chili prawn, strange-taste crab etc.). The fruits will be the big green mangoes (color remain green even when it is ripe).

Let me start off with the ‘stuffed chili with fish paste’.

Then move to the commen scenes along the main street in Sekinchan town: fruit stall. You will see that every stall will use a wooden plank to organize different seasonal fruits neatly on the rack.

The sweet corns and yams are also the popular produces in this region.

dried corn

Next to the padi field, lotus flowers are common scene.

This Lady’s Finger was growing healthily besides the padi field.

I also discovered this seed (or fruit) from a kind of palm tree by the river. The shell of the seed was very hard.

A short visit to the fishing village could provide many interesting and colorful encounters, as long as you didn’t pay too much attention to the garbage.

2 thoughts on “Impressions of Sekinchan June 2011

  1. Anjar says:

    My name is Anjar. I’m very intersted with your pics. I also looking for someone who sell dry sweet corn and I just find in your pic at Sekinchan. Would u mind to share where is the specific location? Tq

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