Impressions of Sekinchan – viewed through art filters

Sekinchan is a small fishing and agricultural town. In this post, I revisted many familiar spots but viewed with different filters and view points. The following shot was using Diorama Art Filter to produce the tilt-shift effect.

Pin-hole Art Filter was applied on the fishing device.

The shattered house was taken with Dramatic Art Filter, attempt to make the messy wooden structure come alive.

Dramatic Art Filter

The afternoon sun was flattening all images, so I used the Dramatic Art Filter again to see if it strengten the contrast. It did but the art filter also soften the images. It produced fun but not so great image.

The next interesting art filter in Olympus camera to try will be the ‘Pop Art Filter’ that saturate colors. Actually this house was already colorful.

The next picture was interesting experiment. I aimed at the shadow of the fishes drying under the sun. It created some abstract image that required explanation.

When it comes to people or portrait, most art filters are not suitable (except for a few that were designed for portrait). So I used the default normal mode to capture people at work.

The type of fish cleaned by the lady above was used for fish ball. The man in the picture below was drying small prawns at his front porch.

Will I visit Sekinchan again? Not immediately but not too far in the future (when I am hungry for seafood and mango).


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