Impressions of the golden monkeys @ Bukit Melawati

Bukit Melawati is the tourist hotspot in Kuala Selangor. Besides the historical sites and lighthouse, the other famous star has to be the golden monkey.

I was lucky to see 3 golden monkeys on my last visit. These silver leafed monkeys are dark grey in color. Only the babies have the golden furs. You can see the fur on this baby gradually changing the color from golden to silver black.

Once they grown up, they also have expanded attitude, the punk hair style.

Some stay a good distance from human – “the untouchable”.

99.99% of them are very approachable. So approachable that if you turn your back on them, or have something suspicious in your palm or pocket, they will approach you voluntarily.

If you have nothing to offer, the mafia king may hold you for ransom. The buddies are not letting you go unless you show them the peanuts or long beans. Someone tried to fool them with chili and they know how to decline.

woman held for ransom

There were so many monkeys that they can occupy the entire road. The hawker has to use a stick to chase them to the road side when the tram was approaching (some monkeys were killed when they reluctant to give way).

The golden monkeys were very energetic, and one prefered 100 plus than coke (as athelic).

I found that Bukit Melawati is one of the best places in Malaysia to get close to monkeys. Having said that, these are wild monkeys and precaution should be taken.

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