Impressions of Fullerton Arboretum – peaceful wonderland in California

This garden was a hidden wonderland nearby the world famous Disneyland. It was so secretive even the hotel staff and cab driver never heard of it. I decided to pay a visit and found this garden has different aspect of what California has to offer – floras.


The entrance is free but visitors can donate USD3 for the maintenance of this beautiful park. I noticed that public can rent a small piece of land as family project to have their own secret garden. I also love the idea that the public donated wooden chair in memory for their loved ones. What else could be better than visiting this park once in a while, and sit down at the bench to have a moment of silence with your loved ones?


Although this garden was not well known to the tourist, but I bet it has more species of the floras than Malaysia botanica garden.


There were potted plants near the entrance.


and a nice traditional house that was well maintained in the park.


Behind this house was the nice fruit trees and a wind mill.


American Sunkist Orange has been my favourite. I am at the Orange County in California, so it wa nice to see a real orange tree full of oranges. I only saw these much of oranges in fruit market.

Orange County

I heard that all the commercial oranges are being planted in Florida now. Anyway, I am lucky to see real grape and apple trees in the sunny California.


Green apples

My favourite apples are the South African apples, so I will bring you the pictures one day and will describe the taste of honey apple. As for today, the tour of flowers and plants continue.

I loved the section of the park with desert plants. The cactus below looked like a giant sweet corn (with thorns).

This plant reminded me of the animated cartoons “Rango”, the desert plant that could walk.

And some cactuses produce flowers that looked like joystick.

This flower looked like an egg yolk on dancing egg white.

There were more flowers that I did not know their names.

And I just admired the beauty of nature.

There were locals who like to talk a walk in the park, and also enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. I also sit down for a moment next to this little stream. The sound of flowing water was hypnotic.

The greenery was soothing for the eyes.

The smell of the flowers also added to the relaxing effect.

The blue sky reminded me how lucky I am (the weather was cloudy this morning). Unlike the humid hot weather at the equator, California has enough sunlight but yet the air is cooling in the summer (hope I am not experiencing the heat wave later).

Today was a wonderful start of my trip to California. I have seen the giant red wood (the ones in the park was short as compared to the redwood in northern California). These were the little pine cones in my hand, one day they will turn into giant trees.


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