Happy Children @ Disneyland

For kids who were exposed to the western children entertainment, Mickey Mouse would have appeared in their early childhood. From the baby products, to TV shows, to 3D animated movies, Disney was part of the magical fantasy.

I met a Norwegian farther who brought his daughter to US for summer holiday, he said that she was longing to visit Disneyland. So visiting Disneyland is always on the list of dream vacations for many (including adults).

Children could get autographs (signed by ….?) and pictures with their favourite animated characters. Even the adults joined the fun for ‘treasure hunting’ the mascots, and lined up in the long queue for photo session.

Young ladies can rent the costume and have the make-up to dress up like their favourite princess.

Looking through their eyes, one can see some fantasy thought and imagination that worked out the magic. Imagination is part of the vital skill to be developed so that is an important experience to gain from theme park like Disneyland.

Most of the parents would strive to help their kids to hold on these childhood adventures and fantasy before the adulthood squashed them, and then “Santa Claus = Daddy” equation will be realized.

Imagination is very powerful. We cannot lock up the kids and should let their imagination runs wild and free.

I still love the magic world of Sinbad and Aladdin, the magic carpet, the genie lamp etc.

In the magical fantasy world, even the bad guys could be cute and lovable.

Besides the fun rides and story telling, kids could explore the magical kingdom with full senses.


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