Impressions of Disney parade – princesses

It was relatively challenging to take pictures during the parade. Firstly, audiences in the front rows were requested to be seated on the floor, but many performers were on higher ground on the floats. Furthermore, there were crowds, trees and many other distraction in the background. To make the matter harder, the dancers were in rapid movement and performers turn around very fast.

So, below were some glimpse shots of the princesses and performers.

Many of the princesses were “packaged” like Barbie doll, and become the idols of many young girls.

I saw many parents dressed their daughters up like “little princess” with Miss Universe type of make up.

I hope the girls really enjoy doing that, or perhaps it was the same fantasy for the boys who want to be super heroes.

The reality sometimes could resemble more like Shrek than fantasy lands.

The good thing inside the theme park is safe to let imagination runs wild. So, let the girls be the princesses they like to be for today and tomorrow. Cinderella already smeshed all the clocks in the world so midnight bell will not ring.


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