Impressions of Disneyland as a theme park

If you use the 2011 benchmark to visit Disneyland at Anaheim, California, it could be disappointing. If we use the 1955 standards, it was beyond marvelous.

In 1950s, only few people in the world have a chance to view colours on TV. So it was that long ago that this theme park was built. From this aspect, this park worth the respect of the minds and effort behind it.

Those who attended as a child in the 1950s are now grandparents. And the new generation will continue to foster the ‘Disney bond’ by bring their offsprings to the park.

The “Disney” brand has the legacy of stories and fond memories.

There was no thrilled roller coster or exciting rides, but there were many fun rides for young children.

There were also ships for all ages, but still too ‘gentle’ for the adrenaline seekers.


Disneyland theme parks have the Critter Country and Frontierland for the wild west adventures. There was also a modern section known as Tomorrowland. This was my first time to experience Microsoft Surface (table) in the smart home.


The New Orleans Square has many nice buildings with American flavour.


The Hawaiian theme Tiki room (sponsored by Dole, the pineapple smoothie was excellent).


Nearby was the Indiana Jones Adventure and the Adventureland has plenty of beautiful handicraft decorations.


Visitors could climb up the Tarzan’s treehouse to experience the fun of living on tree top.


On the main street, the shops resemble cowboy town with a functional train circulating the entire park.

For the sake of childhood memory, that worth the entrance fee and spend a day in the park. It reminded me the importance of keeping our imagination alive.


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