Impressions of Disneyland parade – happiness

Disney’s mission statement is “We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all
ages, everywhere.”

I could sense that every Disney members have delivered their service inline with their mission – to bring happiness to all ages.

Looking at the energy level and facial expression, it made believable that the performers were working at thest best ability to entertain the audience.

Walt Disney had left behind a legend, enlighten the imagination and the littleĀ child in every soul.

Some of the performer could be part time summer student or full time employee. Regardless of their background, they had successfully constructed the fantasy land in the eyes of young children, and brought joy to the adult audiences.

I truly enjoyed the dedication and attention to details Disneyland had put up with.

Even thought I was disappointed with the size of the Disneyland castle and size of the park, I believe the future park like the 6th theme park in Shanghai could improve on the physical dimension and structure.

As long as the mission remains firm, Disney legend always have a magically position in our hearts.

The magic where imagination could bring happiness to all ages.

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