Impressions of Disneyland parade – sights and sounds

Impressions of disneyland? Excitement filled with music and colours.

The bands and dancers in Disneyland parade were very professional and dedicated. Audience could feel their energy from their moves and expression.

The bands were not only playing wonderful music, but they were playing whole heartedly to entertain the visitors.

This little boy was standing next to┬áme, but the music moved him. He started dancing in the middle of the parade and attracted cheers from the crowd and even stopped a musician to give him a ‘high 5’. That illustrated how infectious was the music.

Colours were saturating the atmosphere.

The blue summer sky provided a fantastic backdrop for the bright costumes.

The floats and all the decorations were in bright colours too.

Throughout the parade, audiences were not left a single second of idling time. The floats, bands and dancers filled up our vision and sight.

Most of the visitors might felt a hint of ’emptiness’ after the relative short parade, as the music was still inside our mind, and we were longing for more … (that was the power of commercialized entertainment).



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