Impressions of floras @ Disneyland

One of the side benefits to visit Disneyland during summer season is the beautiful floras. I guess there could be also plenty of flowers during other seasons as Anaheim is in the sunny state of California.

Flowers and trees turned Disneyland into a lively wonderland. The vegetations soften the man-made structure and make the park more pleasant to enjoy.

The flowers were not small patches of potted plants. Wherever have ample space, it would be filled up with greenery and flowers.

It was part of Walt Disney’s vision to bring joy to everyone visiting Disneyland, and floras played an important role.

The gardeners put extra effort to decorate the appropriate plants with the scene and setting. They put desert plants for the Mexican garden.

Flowers can open the heart of the adults who lost touch with the innocent child within, it is magical.


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