Impressions of Universal Studios Los Angeles

If you loved Hollywood movies, Universal Studios will be a familiar place to be.

There were few mascots walking around the studio for visitors to take pictures, like Shrek, Simpsons family etc. There were also actors and actresses dressed up as popular characters.

Some have better motivations in the studios. This kid could post the photo on Facebook and show off the quest to his buddy.

Other kids might not be that lucky to be surrounded by ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and sexy ladies.

Even if you go and watch the shows, you might be the unlucky one to be blocked by XXXL size people. The few weeks in United States, I could experience the amount of meat, soft drinks and chips consumed by general public. I am motivated to eat healthier after the show was blocked by the giants.

Back to what was interesting in Universal Studios. I personally find that most of the shows were too standards (3D, 4D, except for King Kong’s 360 degrees 3D view), the Simpsons Ride was a big disappointment after an hour queue, terminator also ‘so so’. I enjoyed the studio tour to the lower lot, where the driver cum guide gave the visitors a glimpse of what happened behind the scene.

Lower Lot

The following crash site scene was only used for 1 second appearance in a movie, but the producer used an actual aeroplane and torn it apart. That was Hollywood production.

Tips: if you are planning to take the first visit to the lower lot, do sit in the middle section if you don’t like to be wet by the ‘saliva’ (water) from few surprises. If you like to take pictures, then you should find a side seat in the tram so that you won’t be blocked by the steel bars.

I personal favourite was the Water World show. At least the stunts were real (performed by human rather than computer graphics).

If you don’t like to be wet, make sure you seat on the non-green color seats. Even staying away from the wet seats, I was still splashed by the crashing aeroplane. Luckily my camera was splash proof 🙂

One your way out, you can stay behind to take pictures with the stunt crew.

One has to be a movie buff to enjoy the shows. I saw some foreign visitors who were not familiar with Simpsons or watch Shrek before, they expect Universal Studio to be another theme park.

Visiting the studio once will be enough for me. Some locals actually buy the annual tickets to visit few times a year (now you know there were not many places to go in LA).

I may visit the Universal Studios in Singapore and see if it has more interesting activities.

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