Impressions of San Francisco Farmer’s Market

I planned my trip to San Francisco to fall on weekend, just because of the Farmer’s Market only held on Saturday outside the Ferry Building.

It was definitely worth shifting the schedule for this event.

There were plenty of flowers, vegetables, fruits and all directly from the farms.

The aroma of the flowers filled the morning air, and that was refreshing.

There were orchid, lavender, and many more fresh flowers on sales.

There was one store selling fragrant extract from pine leaves. Of course, there were other organic costmetics like soap bars, lotions etc.

My personal favourite have to be the bountiful of fruits produced in the sunny state of California.

Most fo the fruits were grown organically and they can be eaten without washing.

The strawberries and berries were fresh and ‘affordable’. Most tourists like me would buy and eat on the spot.

There were so many variety of peaches. Besides the traditional golden yellow color peach, there were other like ‘snow white’ etc. with different texture and taste. Excellent.

The farmer’s market surround the Ferry Buildings in the front and back. I reserve my next post for the food heaven inside Ferry Building. To many tourist, Ferry Building on Saturday is on top of the list of must seen places in San Francisco.

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