Impressions of San Francisco – Victorian houses & slopes

San Francisco, listed as top 1 city that I most wanted to visit in United States. After visiting several states in US this summer, that statement remained true.

San Francisco

Of course, the Golden Gate Bridge is charming. It is worth another trip to spend longer time on the bridge and visit the vacinity. The Victorian houses that built on the slopes added unique flavour to this city.

San Francisco

Some of the slopes have really challenging angle that under-powered vehicle may be dangerous to reach.

Visitors can take the cable car, or better walk on foot to visit the streets and lanes.

Many of the buildings and statues have heavy European influence.

I was playing around with the Diorama Art Filter in Olympus camera, which can produce tilt-shift effect and compress the buildings to give it a toy-liked impressions. I tested it from Twin Peaks overlooking the cityscape.

Due to the hilly slopes, the buildings are presented in layers, which are the perfect subject for Diorama.

Here was another experimental shot with the messy power lines and the Coit Tower in the background.

There were many interesting buildings and details. Like the color flag that represent gay community, the narrow door way (see the image below has 4 different addresses on single door front).


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