Impressions of Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a famous tourist spot in San Francisco. Tourist won’t miss this sign (with a crab) on the road and on every tourist guide.

The big crab is the Dungeness Crab, which could be found on the 300 feet ocean floor from Alaska to Santa Barbara.

The crab is not cheap. If budget is an issue, then tourist can visit Boudin Bakery & Cafe to try the sourdough crab.

The bread at Fisherman’s Wharf all taste sour (thus called sourdough), which is a natural way to preserve the bread from turning bad during the old days. Almost all the restaurents at the water front serve their own version of ‘best’ chowder in this area.

It is highly recommended to dine in Boudin, sit by the fire place (outdoor) and also witness how they use conveyer belf on the ceiling to transport bread from one location to another.

If you are still hungry, just walk outside and there will be a long row of seafoods restaurants.

The other shops are mostly selling tourist souvenirs. If you like to drink, better hang out at Little Italy.

There are many piers (all numbered by odd numbers) behind the main road. The Maritime National Historical Park, Pier 39, and may other sport fishing boats could be found.

Behind the warships is the infamous Alcatraz prison. The island is now a popular tourist destination accessible via ferry.

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