Impressions of Yosemite National Park – Rocks

Yosemite gave me a different impression as compared to Yellowstone National Park: Rocks, big rocks.

The sky was overcast and it was noon time. Due to the short stay, I missed the morning and evening golden light. So I decided to give Olympus camera’s built-in Art Filter a try, and to capture the magnificient landscape of Yosemite National Park a “Dramatic Tone”.

The result was like Chinese brush painting.

The picture lost the details but gain the contrast of the extreme shadows and highlights of the park.

Bridalveil Fall

There is no time for HDR images so the Dramatic Tone helps as an express method to capture all the dim objects while retaining the bright objects. The granite stones appeared more surface contrast and gave the rocky hill more surface details.

The picture above was taken through the dirty glass from the moving vehicle. The art filter overshadow the details and focus on the texture.

Due to the extreme height of the granite rock and tall trees, having a wide angle lens in camera can capture the scene in nearer distance. Having said that, most of the pictures still have to be taken very far away. Luckily the dense vegation at the Lower Yosemite Fall provided good shades on the hot summer day.

I could hear the roar of the thundering down pour of the waterfall from far away. From a great distance, I could feel the mist of water vapour on my skin. When I reached the base, the lens was totally covered with water droplets.

Waterfall is just ‘standard’ waterfall like others falls, but the gigantic granite rocks towering high above made the scene more dramatic. That was the main impressions I received in Yosemite National Park, big rocks and more rocks.

Yosemite is the heaven for rock climbers. On any good summer day, there will be teams of climbers scaling the El Capitan rock (7,569 feet). It was so tall that the climbers have to stay overnight hanging on the vertical cliff.

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