Impressions of Yosemite National Park

I love national parks, and United States had the first and also the most number of reserved parks. Yosemite is easily accessible from San Francisco or Los Angeles, thus receiving few million visitors every year.

To really experience the park, one should spend couple of days on hiking trail. I only passing-by Yosemite on this trip, thus did not have the luxury to spend a week in this beautiful park. There are so many breath taking sceneries, including the Yosemite Falls (2,425 feet).

When I reached the base, the middle and upper section of the falls were no longer in sight. The Lower Yosemite Falls (320 ft) welcoming the visitors with soaking wet roar (imagine a giant brown bear spitting saliva on your face with a loud roar).

The water flows out to the Merced River in shallow creek.

The creek winding through the thick redwoods and forest. The Giant Sequoias redwoods can be found here but the largest trees are in Sequoia National Park. Those that I saw in Yosemite National Park were ‘tiny’ compare to the real giants (can grow to 25 ft in thickness 300 ft tall), but they were already impressively tall.

Nearby the Yosemite Falls is Half Dome. Visitors can climb up the rock surface via few accessible trails. During 2009, a big piece of rock felt on a earthquake. So nothing is permanent here and nature may have shape the park differently when I revisit Yosemite in the future.

El Capitan is the giant vertical granite rock towering in the park. I was lucky as new (no name) waterfalls appeared in the park due to heavy rainfalls. Just 2 days before my visit, 2 visitors were swept away by the river and killed. This rock is the most famous venue for free climbing (without rope), speed climbing and even base jumping.

For the less adventurest, admiring the view already worth the park entrance fee.

New falls appearing without name.

To sum it all, one has to visit the Tunnel View.

Visitors could see the famous landmarks in the park in a single frame, including El Capitan, Bridalveil Falls and Half Dome.

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