Impressions of ceiling lights at Vegas

The neon lights and decorative lights in Las Vegas are spectacular. It was very enjoyable experience immerse in the man-made star lights in the hotels and casinos.

There were special lighting at every corridors and halls, many worth slowing our pace and admiring the beautiful decorations.

Some have simpler design but have the classical look.

Venetian has many ceilings that followed the Italian style.

And some utilized the oriental theme.

Most common style will be hanging large chandelier but dim enough no hurting the gamblers’ eyes.

Even the shopping galleries were nicely lit (of course).

If you were to take a picture of every single chandelier or hanging light, make sure your memory card has ample storage space. There were simply too many interesting and colorful pieces.

All these lights have single objective: to keep the visitors in door as long as possible, and to spend more 🙂


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