Impressions of Las Vegas Strip – part 1

I am not in New York.

This is New York New York on Las Vegas strip.

This 6km strip is the heart of the sin city.

According to Wikipedia, 19 of the world largest 25 hotels (by room count) are in Las Vegas Strip. By the way, the largest of all is First World Hotel in Genting Highlands (Malaysia) with more than 6,114 rooms (mostly small rooms).

Genting Highlands is miniature if compared to Las Vegas. Wynn Las Vegas alone was constructed with a cost of USD2.6 Billion. It is one of the most luxury hotel in the world. The sister property Encore next door is also impressive.

Las Vegas Strip also host some of the best entertainment shows in the world.

Many hotels and casinos also put on impressive outdoor shows to attract visitors. The Mirage has the volcano eruption.

Bellagio also counter fire with its powerful music fountain light show.

In general, almost every hotel, casino, club, shop put up their best store front to lure visitors’ eye balls.

The utilization of water and electricity were at tremendous rate, no wonder they need Hoover Dam nearby Las Vegas 🙂


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