Impressions of Las Vegas – Visual Feast

I don’t gamble, so it might be a ‘waste’ to visit the casinos in Las Vegas. Instead of focusing on the chips, I just walked around the strip and fed my eyes with a ‘visual buffet’.

The neon light along the strip could blind your eyes. No wonder people walking at night with sun glasses on and wearing so little (I guessed they were moon bathing).

Each casino has to be creative to out-perform one another, and that created a man-made fantasy land in the middle of the desert. Las Vegas consumed so much water in the desert that it was insane (big swimming pool, beach, golf club in the land where grass couldn’t grow).

When there is a will, there is a way. Money brought Venice, Paris, New York, Egypt and other magnificient landmarks and greatest shows on earth to Vegas.

The follow picture was inside Luxor casino and hotel, inside the pyramid dome.

The decorations inside most of the hotels were jaw dropping SPECTACULAR. Here was a windmill and flower garden in Bellagio. I loved the buffet meal in Bellagio.

Even painting could made out of fresh flowers.

Or construct a train from marshmallows.

One of the common deco worth admiring are the ceiling and lights. This lobby ceiling was constructed with hand-made glasses.

Statues and arts were everywhere.

Even a small logo in Vegas could have attention to details that make it so pleasing for the eyes.

Of course those branded flagship stores along the strip have nothing short of spectacular and presentable.

Without stepping outside of Las Vegas to visit the state of Nevada, it would be hard to imagine that Nevada has one of the highest employment rate in the United States. Due to the gloomy economy, many domestics tourists still like to visit Las Vegas just for windows shopping and sight seeing, less gambling. I wish the gamblers best of luck, and the sight seeing folks a great visual feast of the town that never sleeps.


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