Impressions of Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is THE place to see Hollywood stars.

The ‘stars’ were on the ground along the Wall of Fame. I successfully found Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee’s stars, along with many more popular movie stars. There were many cosplay performers earning tips by photo posing for tourists.

Madame Tussauds wax museum is part of the attraction. I bumped into Marilyn Monroe was figure on the street.

Shrek’s figure is much bigger, or I shall call it ‘life size figure’.

The other fun activity would be to search for the hand/foot prints of the celebrities.

“I’ll be back!”

My overall impression of Hollywood Boulevard was not as glamour or highend district as I would imagine. The place was a bit run down and could be dangerous if you walk alone. So it is really a big difference with real site visit as compared to TV or movie impressions.

Below was the image of Grauman’s Chinese Theather, opened in 1927. ‘Star Wars’ was premiered here in 1977.

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