Impressions of Farmers Market @ Los Angeles

I decided to go to this market when I read about it on the plane to Los Angeles.

Lost Angeles

The article said that this market is the best place to meet Hollywood celebrities. Who knew I might bump into Brad Pitt or someone else arm pit in the market. So it is worth exploring.

Los Angeles Fruits

First thing that I falled in love with would be the Californian fruits. Some of the fruits were not common in Malaysia (e.g. figs). The produces were fresh, ‘relatively’ cheap and juicy. To prove the point, let’s look at how thick and juicy was the strawberry in my hand.

Los Angeles

The Farmers Market was established in 1934. I took a bus on 3rd Street and stop at Fairfax junction. The market even have its own website (

Los Angeles

The second attractive thing in the Farmers Market was the wide variety of food. It is mandatory to dine at the marketplace.

Los Angeles

I was surprise to see Malaysian dishes in the store called Singapore’s Banana Leave, or my lunch ended with curry laksa in Los Angeles, cool. The pinkish red drink was blended pomegranate.

There were plenty of sculptures and decorative arts in the market and in the nearby Grove shopping mall.

There were both old and modern statues.

Los Angeles

There was a tram running from the Farmers Market to the Grove. I like strolling along this modern shopping mall because they played lively jazz and easy listening music. So it was nice to relax on the lawn next to the pool.

It was a nice visit to the Farmers Market and join the outdoor activities.

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