Impressions of Getty Center – Impressive

If you are art lovers, Getty Center will be a pilgrimage site in North America.

Los Angeles

Even if you are not fond of arts, the museum will still move you emotionally. From exterior architecture to its art collections, Getty Center is easily at par with Louvre in Paris and in the top 5 art museum in the world.

I have been to Louvre, Musee d’Orsay etc. good museum, but Getty Center gave me different and very good impressions.

1) The USD 1.3 Billion center was found by J. Paul Getty, as private funding from his foundation. How many rich man in the world woudl donate its wealth to arts and open the door free for public access. Yes, the entrance is free.

2) I am an advocate of Photo-Friendly tourist site, Getty Center permits visitors to take photos inside the museum. I would dedicate the next posting for some of the collections.

In this post, I wished to share with you the exterior garden and views of the museum complex.

The entire complex sits on a hill top over looking Los Angeles, at the high end neighbourhood. One can see vineyards across the hill. The first impression was the modern looking tram (like metro train) that take visitors from the entrance to the hill top. Again, I have to stress that all the great facilities were provided free (not a common thing in US where everyone is asking for tips or many homeless asking for spare change).

Before entering into the buildings, one would be greeted by many pools and gardens, all maintained in tip top conditions.

The gardens and the lawns were so tempting that one could just drawn to lie down for a good afternoon nap.

Even the kids were having good time on the pools and creeks.

The flowers and plants were very pleasantly presented.

How many museums in the world would have such impressive garden? Including a large cactus garden?

The more impressive offerings are inside the buildings, the world class art collections. More to share with my fellow travellers in my next posting.

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