Impressions of masterpieces at Getty Museum

Getty Center is part of the J. Paul Getty Museum, where it displayed some of the finest pieces of art. One of the most recognizable collections would be Irises (1889) by Vincent van Gogh.

Vincent van Gogh

It is hard for layman like me to appreciate art, so we use auction or market value to indicate the appreciated value of art :). Irises is worth USD105 million. There were many tourists walked pass this masterpiece without realizing it.

Next to Irises was another great work by Renoir – ‘La Promenade’. It has some influenced by Renoir’s buddy Monet, as the art shown some impressionist style (not the photo realism type).

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Many of the paintings were incredible collections. One could stand there for minutes just to admire the works and ask “what was in the artist’s mind?”.

Some of the creativity and story telling of painting difficult to be replaced by photography. Look at the facial and body expression of every girls in the parade, it was stunning.

I don’t know how to really appreciate paintings but the talents of the artists in capturing the moment, contrast, lighting, and still able to portrait the story, were simply remarkable.

My heart was beating faster and faster while admiring the masterpieces. No wonder this young man also felling itchy while looking at the art work.

The subject of the paintings in the collection have wide variety, landscape, still life, abstract etc.

From different styles to the different eras.

From contemporary to photography and decorative art.

The decorative arts on display were also impressive, of the luxury lifestyle filled with artistic details.

There were also illumnated manuscripts and tainted glasses.

The collections were overwhelming and visitors do need a break to cleanse the mind. The modern building provide plenty of vista view of Los Angeles within the museum.

I was relunctant to exit when the museum closed. The artworks still dancing in my mind on my way to LA west end. It has been a wonderful visit and that you J. Paul Getty for leaving behind such a marvelous legacy and heritage to mankind. I thank you.

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