Impressions of Santa Monica Part 2

I  have shown you the nice sunshine and bodies in Part 1 of Santa Monica post. Now let’s explore what else are the fun activities at the beach front.

Santa Monica also marks the West End of Route 66 at the Pacific. The town offers great shopping and relaxation for the visitors. The Third Street Promenade and the Santa Monica Pier offer some good restaurents and shopping oppotunities.

From the Baba Gump seafoods, to Cadillac luxury car, and to artist handicrafts could be found here.

There were fortune tellers, tourist-photographers to artists setting up booth along the walk way on the piers.

The popular pier has its dedicated website ( The amusement park on the pier shared the same fame.

Many locals like to fish on the pier just for fun. The mussels and fishes were so polluted that the authority erected warning sign “unfit for human consumption” 🙂

So it was safer to lie down, and to do nothing. Let the breeze carried all your worries and tireness away.

Even myself was taking a nap at the muscle beach. This doggie came right next to me (not to pee but to unwind).

Looking up, there was no cloud. Only the seagulls against the blue sky. No wonder the Hollywood celebrities like to have a rest house at Santa Monica.

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