Impressions of Santa Monica Part 1

Santa Monica. The song with the same name by Savage Garden always rings in my ears when I hear the name of this sunshine beach.

I took the public bus from Los Angeles to this upscale beach front facing the Pacific Ocean, about an hour ride (only cost USD1.50).

The beach has a long bicycle trail for cyclers, joggers and roller blaters to stroll for miles (reaching Venice Beach).

The beach offers a great playground for all ages.

Many sun seekers sun-bathing like there is no tomorrow. If you see any asians carrying umbrella in California, ‘she’ is likely coming from Malaysia or China. I was on a coach to Yellowstone, and a Chinese girl in front of me had her umbrella opened on the entire journey, inside the bus.

The breeze on the pier was cooling (chilling in the early morning). Many visitors like to just relaxing and watch the half naked bodies walking by, what a view. In reality, the view was more like the photo above, and nothing like what was shown on Baywatch.

If one likes to see good looking bodies, then a short walk to the muscle beach would be the better place to see and to be seen.

There were many locals and tourists like to come here to relax or to exercise. Another interesting beach nearby is Venice Beach, where the body builders pumping iron at the beach front.

Santa Monica

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