Impressions of St. George (Utah)

On my way to Bryce Canyon, I overnight at the red sandstone town called St. George. The sunlight still going strong by 8pm. So I took the opportunity to walk outside the inn to take my dose of ‘Shutter Theraphy’ (a term made popular by Robin Wong, a street photograher in Malaysia).

This bird was jumping from one place to another. I have to use a 400mm equivalent lens to freeze it on top of a small hill.

The red color of the soil came from oxidization of iron oxide.


I found the ordinary rocks looked more interesting. In fact, St. George is sitting on many ancient bedrock like Jurassic and Triassic.

The desert vegetation also looked very different.

Some are flowering plants.

There were army of fire ants on the ground. I found some interesting looking insect.

The sun eventually setting after 9pm, time to head back to the hotel. St. George has a famous Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, I have to skip and heading straight for Bryce Canyon tomorrow morning.

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