Impressions of Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is not really a deep canyon. It was named after Mormon pioneer scout name Ebenezer Bryce. I will share with you more story about Mormon religion when I post the travelogue about Salt Lake City.

According to the Red Indian mythodology, the animal god was displeased with human and turned them into rock formation.  From far, the canyon really looks like a stadium full of interesting figures.

Visitors can walk down the canyon or peek through the eroded holes to view the rocks in near distance.

It took about an hour to walk the round trip to the bottom and up.

So it is a good idea to stay overnight near the park to be able to visit during dusk and dawn to capture the best light.

I don’t have the luxury to stay overnight at the park, so I only to have a brief stop to visit this interesting canyon. The following rock is the mascot of Bryce Canyon – ‘the Queen’.

Bryce Canyon is not as wide or as deep as Grand Canyon, but it is probably one of the most beautiful canyons.

The first paronama picture has a ‘worm’ crawling on the right side. While the following image looks like rows of standing soldiers.

All the photos are straight from the camera, so you can image how saturated were the colours in Bryce Canyon. The common colours of the rocks were red, orange and white.

The rocks might look tiny on photo, but they are actually mountains and rocks. The average height of the rim at Bryce Canyon is 8,000+ high. I used the tilt-shift Diorama effect in Olympus camera to compress the rocks to give them more interesting look.

Here is the normal look.

Visiting different park of the canyon provide other breath-taking views.

There was a saying, “Life is not about the number of breaths you take; it is the moments that take your breath away.” Bryce Canyon can ‘wow’ visitors and make one forgotten to breath.

It is nice to hike at the Canyon during winter time too (with the snow).

July is the peak summer time, so there is no snow but blue blue sky.

I concluded this post with the impression of bright colours offered by Bryce Canyon.


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