Impressions of Grand Canyon North Rim

My last trip to Grand Canyon National Park was West Rim. This morning I was at higher elevation (8,000+ feet above sea level) at North Rim.

The images posted on Present Moment are high resolution, you can click on the thumbnail image to load the high resolution image (typically 4 to 10MB). Then you can find few human figure in the image above (on the white color cliff on the right hand side). Below is the bird eye view when I stand on that cliff.

North Rim situate at the border between Arizona and Utah. It is near to Zion National Park too. Unlike West Rim where there is no fence, visitor can sit at the edge and hang your legs few thousand feet above the Canyon (just need to be very careful).

I felft the morning temperature in North Rim was cooler as compare to the West Rim. It could be due to higher elevation, or just simply because it was morning time when I arrive at the visitor center.

There were more tall pine trees at North Rim. So it was very nice walk around the edge and view the canyon from different angles.

Visitors could climb over some rocks and really standing above higher than the rest of the mountain ranges.

The bird eye panorama view was spectacular.

Unlike West Rim where visitors can view the Colorado river, but not in Norht Rim or South Rim.

I am glad to be able to visit North Rim in July because the park will be closed during Winter. The park opens from May to October.

There were less visitors to North Rim, so it was less crowed. It was very relaxing to sit by the lodge and just spend hours looking at the canyon.

See the little boy who waved at the viewing rock and let the father standing at the lodge to take a postcard shot for his facebook?

Overall, the view it self was worth the long hour drive to North Rim. It is good to be included in your route to Bryce Canyon or Zion Canyon.

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