Impressions of Artist Point @ Yellowstone

Lowerfalls overlooking from Artist Point @ Yellowstone National Park.

Why this place called ‘Artist Point’? This place was made popular largely contributed to an artist named Thomas Moran. Public including the congress were so fascinated by the spectacular view of the landscape drawn by Thomas. When people realized that the view was not imaginative but really existed, the first conservation National Park in the world was estalbished in 1872. Just do an Internet search on “The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone”, and you can see the beautiful drawings by Thomas Moran.

Why the name ‘Yellowstone’? The stones were multi-color but predominantly yellowish, thus Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone River curved out a canyon in the park, so it provided a beautiful viewpoint at the Artist Point.

Both the Artist Point and the Inspiration Point are near to the Canyon Village. The Artist Point is worth stopping over, spending some times and doing nothing, just admiring the views.

Yellowstone is really a great outdoor park to bring children to get close to nature (not too close to the edge until they fell over). A side note, when I returned from this trip, there was a news of tourist fell into Niagara Falls and died. The cause of standing at the edge to take picture.


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