Impressions of Bison at Yellowstone

The beast was massive, especially when one could get so close to the wild American buffelo.

The best time to see wild life in Yellowstone National Park is early morning or evening.

I was lucky to see this bison grazing near the cottage that I was staying.

Luck was with me as the graceful animal walked out fromt he shadow and into the only beam of light before sunset (it was already 8pm+). Otherwise it was closed to impossible to capture this ‘dark’ color beast in the dark woods (and it did not smile with white teeth in the dark).

Bisons may look peaceful but they ranked the second most dangerous animals after the Alaska brown bear, even more dangerous than the grizzly bear. So there is a park rule that visitors are supposed to stay at least 25 yards away from wild animals.

Bison is known to attack without any reason or warning. The 900KG meatloaf charging at you with the pointy horns at 50KM/H is a massive killing machine.

Besides watching wild animals, summer time is also a great season to see the blossoming of wild flowers in the park.

My only complaint would be the mosquitoes. Even with insect repellant, the bugs still swamped at me.


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