Impressions of Mammoth Hot Springs

I have verified. There is no live mammoth at the hot springs.

No one has a concrete proof about the origins of this name in Yellowstone National Park. May be it was due to the massive size of the size of the hot springs.

Liberty Cone

Or perhaps the cone looks like trunk or tusk fo the mammoths? This cone has a name called the Liberty Cap  for its resemblance tot he caps worn by colonial patriots during the Revolutionary War. This 45 feet cone was the result of a slow depositing of travertine from a single source of hot spring. Under the hot summer sun, it reminded me about the ice-cream cone.

The multi-color terrances were the main attraction at the hot springs.

At the bottom of the hill, there were dry and newly ‘born’ pools form as terraces.

The white and dry terraces were the result of hot springs drying up. At the same time, new hot springs are emerging and creating new formation.

Yellowstone National Park

The view was spectacular. Human lifespan seems so insignificant in front of these timeless masterpieces in nature.


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