Impressions of Norris Geyser Basin

On the first look, the Norris Geyser Basin seems nothing spectacular.

In the eyes of the geologist, this basin is the gem. Here are some interesting notes (the best of my journey was the new learning and discoveries). The largest geyser in the world is located in this basin. Steamboat Geyser can erupt to 380 feet high.

The water in Norris Geyser Basin is acidic (other part of the park, the water is alkaline). The colorful creeks were formed by mineral oxide. Some part of the park are so hostile that plant and algae also couldn’t survive.

The basin is one of the thinnest place on earth (earth crust). The ecosystem is very fragile and it give scientists a glimpse of early live form on earth. Tourists are not allowed to walk on the basin, and elevated platform was provided to have close encounter with the basin.

During my visit, there were ignorant tourists still stepped onto the basin floor. I really feel like throwing the guys into the mud holes (boiling muds). Luckily there is still love (see the heart shape venting hole in the picture below) in mother nature. Human still have long way to learn the way for sustainable livings on this delicate earth.


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