Glimpse of Grand Teton

I was lucky to have a glimpse of the “large tit” on my way to Jackson Hole. One version of the origin of the name of this mountain “Grand Teton” was from French word “teat” (tit).

Please bear with me with these blury pictures because they were taken handheld inside a moving bus, and looking through the dirty and reflective windows.

Although the coach that I took from Yellowstone did not stop at this part of the National Park, but entire journey was very pleasing.

The highest point of the Teton range reaches 13,775 feet. I ready admire those who drove own vehicle and can stop over and take a good shot with unobstructed view.

On second thought, I felt very lucky to have a chance to passby the most scenic highway though the park. The guy sitting behind me was snoring loudly and totally missed the views (most of the travellers sleep through the journey, and woke up for bio-break).

For this post, I won’t use the title ‘impression’ as it was just a brief glimpse of spectacular mountain view. One day, I may have the chance to touch the ‘teton’.

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