Impressions of Old Faithful Geyser

Perhaps it was due to the great expectation of the famous Geyser in the world – the Old Faithful Geyser,  I felt a bit of let down by the eruption.

Old Faithful is famous for it ‘clock-like’ timing on its eruption, ranging from 45 to 125 minutes. Each eruption can reach up to average 145 feet with few thousands gallon of water within a minute.

There are clocks in both the information center as well as the Old Faithful Inn to predict the next eruption based on the previous one. I got there  a bit early as the staff had not witness the first eruption of that morning, so no one knew when it would erupt. Overall, it is ok to pay a visit to capture the fame of of Old Faithful.

Nearby the geyser was this beautiful wooden structure that was really worth visiting.

The entire structure was made of logs in 1904. This rustic look hotel has an impressive 85 feet stone fireplace in the lobby and very tall ceiling.

One of the cool thing to do is to have a cup of coffee at the open roof top cafe, overlooking the geyser. It is even better soaking under the sun during early morning.

This inn has lots of history with it that worth spending millions protecting it from the 1988 forest fire in the park. It was a marvellous building, work by a 29 year old architect (Robert Reamer).

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