Impressions of West Thumb Geyser Basin

The first impression of this basin was “another mud holes and boiling pond”? The answer was yes and no. Yes because there are again many geysers and geothermal activities. No because they are more spectacular.

My heartbeat quicken when I leaned towards the Abyss Pool. It was deep and the crust seems to be fragile. Anytime the platform may fall and the boiling water can cook the tourists instantly.

The dark greenish blue abyss produces the bottomless illusion (the pool is 57 feet deep, the deepest in Yellowstone National Park). This is the most beautiful pool and looks ‘unreal’.

Although the basin is the smallest in size in the park, but it has few interesting features. First of all, the basin is at the lake shore of Yellowstone Lake.

Yellowstone Lake is the largest freshwater lake (above 7,000 feet sea level) in North America.

The basin has unique ‘fishing cone’ near the shoreline (the shoreline of this lake is 177km, and imagine that is on 7,732 feet above sea level).

I was lucky to see a few trout swimming by. The water was so clear that I could take this picture to show you. The depth of this lake can reach 42 meters.

Just round the corner, I have a deer in sight. What a lucky day at Yellowstone.

I entered Yellowstone from Idaho State, and exit from South entrace from Wyoming towards Utah. This was the view along the way towards Teton National Park. It was interesting to see snow cap mountain on mid summer day.

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