Impressions of Salt Lake City

I did not know how big is so called the largest salt water lake in the northen hemisphere, but I am excited to visit the “Dead Sea of America”. The salinity of the lake can up to 7 times greater than that of the sea water. Amazingly, there are organisms still strive in such inhabitable place. If anyone invite you to taste how salty is the water, you better think twice.

Great Salt Lake

The photo above was taken from a scoop of lake water into a bucket. You can clearly see the high population of swimming brine shrimp and their cysts (eggs), and also the dead flies. I never seen so much dead and live flies near the lake, it also attracted hundreds of spiders in just the small area where I stood.

Other than these, not many other organisms can survive in this hostile habitat.

Great Salt Lake is just a short drive from Salt Lake City, It is an important place for Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The most well known practice of the early day Mormonism was ‘plural marriage’. Although the practice of polygamy by Mormons had been discontinued in 1890, but until this day, some cults in self-sustain farms in the modern United States still reveal man with over hundred children and wives below 18 years old.

Salt Lake City

The state capital of Utah also situated in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City

Outside the Salt Lake City lies the largest open-pit mine in the world – Bingham Canyon Copper Mine.

While the vehicle is climbing the hill, the surface gave me an impression like visiting the moon.

The vehicles looked like toys but they were in fact huge transportation. The truck about 2 storeys high, like a moving house. According to the official brochure, the roadways of the pit add up to a length of 500 miles. This picture was taken at the visitor centre at 6,440 feet above sea level.

Salt Lake City

After the visit to the copper mines, I am on my way back to Las Vegas. A last glimpse of the farm land (lavender) before the view was dominated by desert and dry land.

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