Ramadan Bazaar at Masjid India

During the last few days of the Ramadan fasting month, one may notice the traffic was coming to stand still near Masjid India in Kuala Lumpur city. In 2011, the Hari Raya celebration would be overlapping with Malaysia’s Independance day (31 August).

The bazaar covered the back lane as well as the main street. Here were two standard shots to give you a perspective of the scene.

Here was how the back alley looked like with the crowd.

Masjid India was a mosque founded on 1863. It was not too far from PETRONAS Twin Tower (about 10 minutes drive).

Both shops and mobile merchants were taking opportunities of the preparation of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and fully equipped with the seasons greeting goods.

The most popular merchandizes are new clothing and snacks.

The atmosphere was similar to the preparation for Chinese New Year, Christmas or Deepavali.

For foreign tourist, Masjid India would be a good place to witness the traditional Malay costume and variety of foods and snacks.

For me, my passion will be the food …. mmmmm

I am hereby wishing every Muslim friends a wonderful and peaceful Raya celebration.

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