Ramadan Bazaar @ Shah Alam

During the fasting month of Ramadan, one exciting event for Muslim friends and non-muslims is going to the food bazaar.

There are bazaars in nearly every township in Malaysia. This temporary market next to Shah Alam stadium is one of the popular bazaars in Klang Valley. The picture below is the motivation for Malaysians, include me, to visit food bazaar.

The hawker stalls were setup in the afternoon and open pass the time to break fast (“buka puasa”), normally around 7pm. So the peak traffic normally occurs around 5 to 6pm.

The merchants and hawkers were normally busy frying or preparing foods so that the foods were served hot.

Many of the food preparation processes were entertaining to watch.

A word of advise to photographers is to have the courtesy to ask for permission before you snap any picture. The second note to foreign non-Muslim visitors to be respectful not to buy and to eat the food in front of the Muslims (they have been fasting since dawn).

The 3rd general rule is not to block any merchant to conduct their business. Our urge for photography should come second to the business transaction.

Most of the merchants were very friendly. There was one ttore selling grilled fish (wrapped in banana leaf). The guy was so nice that he re-open every wrapped fish and invited me to take picture. I am grateful for his hospitality.

Everywhere I turned were fully of sights and smells of food preparing for festive celebration.

Everytime I visited any Ramadan Bazaar, I always over bought the food items.

Many visitors follow the golden rule in food hunting: look for the long queue where good food is. Actually not all foods were equally good, sometimes depends on luck or previous purchase experience. The bazaar opened daily for the entire fasting month, so one can revisit and learn from yesterday’s ‘mistakes’ or luck.

Most people will temporary forget about calories when visiting food bazaar. If you are health conscious, there were healthy food choices too.

Selamat Buka Puasa (Happy Breaking Fast) to our Muslim friends!

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