Impressions of Tanglung Tourism Festival 2011

Angry Bird: “Who is talking behind my back?”

Tourism Malaysia wished to mimic the lantern festival celebration in Taiwan and started this new series of ‘Tanglung’ (means lantern). This year, the celebration was held at Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

My first impression was: “Where were the lanterns?”.

There were plenty of “1Malaysia” slogan, stage performances and VIP speeaches, but there is no candle. The following are the few lanterns on displayed, resulted from a lantern making competition.

Due to the concern of accidental fire, so there is no candle light. The event was more like a concert than mid-autumn festival. I do like the riddle guessing game because it was the authentic ancient activities (but the riddles were hanging underneath paper rabbit, not real lantern).

Luckily there was one stall hang up some paper lantern as decoration.

The festival ended with the parade of lantern around Petaling Street. I did not join the parade as I decided to go home and eat moon cake and drink Chinese tea.

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