National Horse Show 2011 – Part 2

The tropical sun was burning even at 10am in the morning. I salute those performers who have to withstand the hot sun while waiting for the show to commence.

My black color snicker exposed under the sun was burning hot, so I could imaging those performers with thick uniform might require surperb endurance.

Soon, the convoy of VVIP arrived, it was the King of Malaysia, our beloved Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Photo journalists were snapping at the VVIP for the press to print on tomorrow’s paper. Other visitors were snapping at the cool body guards on bikes.

And, the show began!

There were many performances related to the ‘horse’ theme.

Including the Horse Riding Dance.

The dancers have very beautiful and colorful costume. The key challenge was the performance was very far from the audiences.

I stayed on a while to watch the acrobatic ing and archery  on horse back. There were many other activities held at different park of the club, and it was really filled with fun fair atmosphere (due to the overwhelming number of school children).

One of the unique show was the farriery competition.

At first the volunteer guard prohibited visitors to go the venue. Later on, the organizer invited visitors to walk nearer and see the making of horse shoes. I could feel the heat from the small ‘stove’ even though I was some distance away.

There were plenty of ice-cream sellers and food stalls in the carnival. I like the coconut shake (not as good as the famous coconut shake in Melaka, but it was heaven sent on a hot sunny day). It was only RM2 per cup (coconut juice + vanila ice-cream + ice blended), much cheaper than the Starbucks blended coffee (there was a Starbucks mobile van).


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