National Horse Show 2011 – Part 3

I was thrilled to have the close encounter experience with so many breeds of horses at the horse carnival. At the stable, organizer put up name, breed and basic info of each horse. Let’s meet Buzz Off and Charlie.

Buzz Off and Charlie

There were many breeds from different part of the world. I felt like taking passport photo when I visit to each stable unit.

One advantage of arriving early was the opportunity to see the bathing of the horses.

and also some natural behaviors.

Some of the horses would be pulling carriage, and some be participating in other carnival activities.

Like the color cows in Europe, visitors can find many colorful statues of the horse on display.

Most drawings have “1 Malaysia” or Malaysian theme, but there were exception too.

As the venue is on a turf club, visitors would see more sand and grass instead of flowers.

One special ‘horse’ greeting visitors near the entrance was a wooden trojan horse that you could climb inside.

NHS is a 3 days event with many horse related competions and shows. I did enjoy my first visit to the National Horse Show, hope the organizer moving forward with greater success in the future shows.

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