Impressions of Cultural Craft Complex @ Kuala Lumpur

The Cultural Craft Complex in Kuala Lumpur city center is a popular tourist spot.

I only visit the complex once every few years. My recommendation is to reserve your visit during afternoon when you have nothing much to do. This is because the tropical climate limit the number of activities one can do during the high noon. So it is best to have indoor activities, and Craft Complex provides a good venue for such activity.

Besides the air-conditioned shopping galleries, there are many small huts allocated in the complex with host artists. Many expatriates like to bring their children to attend artwork activities.

Beside this complex, Central Market is another good venue to look for art ‘sifu’ or artists to coach you, or to purchase more artworks for your collection.

The most popular participation artworks might be Batik wax painting.

I am not sure if the complex still offers pottery clay works.

My impression was that the complex could have more crafts and activities. Most of the time, more than half of the shops were closed so be prepare not to put up too high hope.

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