Impressions of Royal Selangor Pewter

Royal Selangor Pewter, a global brand that Malaysians can be proud of. today, I visited their Visitor Center at Setapak Jaya (Kuala Lumpur) for the first time. I have to say that this showroom is one of the more impressive product showroom with hands-on workshop amongst the Malaysian family run businesses.

Of course, the first reason for this visitor center to be likable was it allowed photography, and they offer free drink (100 Plus served in pewter cup). Did I mentioned the entrance is free?

The center has many customer relationship officers to provide guided tour of the gallery and factory.

Visitor can also touch the samples and attend the hands-on workshop.

The ground floor galleries have few tableware and jelwery shops with plenty of products on display. The center piece of work has to be these ‘cans’.

They are part of the 2 storey high ‘Twin Towers’ model made from pewter.

There is also a nicely decorated coffee shop for visitors to take a break (reminder of the funny “Setapak Coffee vs Starbucks Coffee”, it was a joke that one coffee shop in Setapak have the similar logo like Starbucks).

If you have interest in pewter, this visitor center is interesting for a short visit (20 minutes from city center). I think most visitors can finish the tour within 30 minutes.


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