Bug-O-Rama 2011

I drove my beetle to the market early this morning and bumped into many vintage cars driving on the opposite direction. A quick search on the Internet only realized that it is Bug O Rama again!

So I quickly follow to Summit USJ to join the party. This was my 3rd or 4th time visiting Bug O Rama (2011 was the 6th event). If you like VW, you would agree with the car sticker that read “It is not a car … It’s a vintage Volkswagen.”.

This year the organizer Kelab Volkswagen Beetle Malaysia (KVBM) attracted more than 4,000+ enthuatists to the event.

Like Apple computers, Volkswagen design somehow could maintain its die hard fans. There was something in the design that made Beetles evergreen.

When the DJ played the 60s and 70s music, I bet it brought back many fond memories of the VW owners.

This event attracted VW owners from Thailand and Singapore to join the gathering.

The whole open-air carpark in front of Summit USJ was flooded with VW cars, and overflood to the main road.

Standing on the higher ground, one can see a ‘sea of colorful Beetles’ and vintage cars.

The hobbyists spent more investment in the restoration than the original purchase price into their ‘babies’.

Hundreds of vintage cars filled up the parking and roadside. There are also many stores selling collectibles, spare parts and flee market items. With the DJ and clowns, the venue is like a fun fair.

This event is Photo-Friendly, so the event attracted many shutter bugs to shoot the beetle bugs.

There were so much details, stickers and creative modifications that make one put on a grin.

Great design never gets outdated. Long live VW, “May the Volks be with you”.

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