Nuts about Beetles

There is something wrong with the VW cult and Beetle fans. They showed up in Bug-O-Rama 2011 today in Summit USJ and brought along many crazy fans.

The vintage cars ‘threaten’ other cars (force them into the dark car park) and taken over the sunny spot, in a good way.

Like Apple fans, VW fans have the similar crazy attitudes and enthusiasms.

“It’s a hippie thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

There were plenty of funny car stickers with creative slogans.

So you must look high and low, rear and front, to really appreciate the thoughts that the proud VW owners invested into their ‘babies’.

One thing in common is that the decorations bring joy to the owners as well as those who meet the cars. This van even has its own facebook page.

It is not uncommon to see owner spending RM20K in a piece of ‘junk’ and transformed it with over RM100K restorations to a masterpiece.

Well, Beetle has such an evergreen design that it becomes the most recognizable car in the history of motor cars.

Many kids will turn their heads and lock their eyes on a cheaper Beetle if it parks side by side with a another luxury car, that is the power of simple and classical design.


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